My current situation

Another reason this blog is happening because I feel kind of lost right now. I’m going through one of those transitional periods in my life where I don’t really know what I am doing. Just floating in the abyss waiting for a sign; something to guide me to my supposed purpose in this world.

I’m not sure if this blog is what is meant to happen, but the events leading up to it seemed somewhat fateful. My mom randomly stumbled across a Black Friday deal for the laptop I’m typing on, I just dropped out of school, and my part-time retail job doesn’t demand much of me. So with abundant free time and an eagerness to write, here I am.

Recently, I came crashing down from the high of finally knowing (or so I thought) what I wanted to do in life. I was so consumed with reaching this goal that I neglected my true needs. I felt that I had invested too much into this career path to stop.

Well, I finally gained the courage to listen to my gut and dropped out of my program three days ago. Once I was free from this burden, this feeling of obligation, my mind had space to think about the meaning of life. This is a topic I think of often, but having the time to explore, self-reflect, and re-evaluate life when you are not clouded by the demands of school or work is a blessing.

I’m hoping this blog will act as an outlet to hash out my thoughts and feelings, allowing myself to be okay with this uncertainty and accept the imperfections and vulnerabilities that come along with existing as a human being.