Why I created honestly.

I created this blog to help normalize the feelings associated with the uncertain and tumultuous nature of life. I hope to do this by offering an honest, uncensored, and raw account of my thoughts in relation to my life experiences.

When I look at both my life and the lives of others, one major commonality is the unpredictability of one’s life path. We all have periods when we feel sure and confident in the direction our life is heading, and times when we are unsure and vulnerable to various perils that get thrown in our way. If we are all imperfect, why do we feel like we need to put up a facade?

I feel like in today’s society we have this pressure to always be “on” and portraying a certain image of ourselves. We don’t let many people know that we have doubts and insecurities, even though they are common amongst all humans. I want this blog to inspire people to cultivate honesty, embrace the imperfections of life, and show themselves compassion and self-love no matter what the circumstance.